The Nonlocal Universe

The Nonlocal Universe: Why Science Validates the Spiritual Worldview

Steven L Richheimer

Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 in.
English | 228 pgs
ISBN: 9781881717492
Pub Date: July 2016

Recent scientific discoveries in quantum physics and relativity theory leave no doubt that nonlocality is a basic feature of physical reality. In addition, numerous phenomena such as ESP, out-of-body and near-death experiences, as well as mental states affecting physiological changes indicate that mind is nonlocal and cannot be equated with the brain. Nonlocality in the physical and mental realms negates the materialistic worldview but is entirely consistent with the spiritual worldview. The spiritual worldview is a top-down ontology--it begins and ends with Consciousness and considers Consciousness to be the first cause of creation and the ground substance that is transformed into the material world. It describes a universe that is whole, in which the "parts" we commonly observe emerge from a hidden transcendent reality. This worldview provides a logical and consistent explanation for the fundamental properties of reality that are observed in experiments in the physical and behavioral sciences. It explains why mind functions nonlocally and why people sometimes experience a unitary, ecstatic state of awareness. It also explains the paradoxes that have arisen in science today and provides a new model for how human society can progress in the future.