The Untold Story of Western Civilization, Vol. 3

The Untold Story of Western Civilization, Vol. 3: The Age of Intellectual Priests

Chuck Paprocki and Tom Paprocki


Paperback 5.5 x 8.5 in.

English | 482 pgs

ISBN: 9781881717706

Pub. Date: September, 2019

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In Volume III of our history, we move out of the Middle East and into life in Europe. We look at the period that historians call the Middle Ages at the time when the Intellectual Priests ruled European society. Beginning with the last days of the Roman Empire, Chapter 1 discusses life in Rome and the role of warfare, culture, class structure and women in the city. Chapter 2 discusses the lifestyles of the Celtic, Germanic and Slavic tribes of Europe before and during their experience with the Roman Empire. Chapter 3 discusses the rise of the Catholic Church authority after the fall of Rome and its impact on the so-called barbarian tribes of Europe. Chapter 4 discusses the politics of the Church and how it came to dominate Europe. Chapter 5 looks at the rise of Islam in Europe. Chapter 6 looks at the clash between the Christians and Muslims during the Crusades. Chapter 7 explores the Inquisitions in Europe. Chapter 8 looks at the rise of Catholic Female Mystics and the Churches campaign to eliminate their influence on the people of Europe. Chapter 9, which ends this Volume, looks at the Church’s creation of the Satanic Witch and the process that it created to persecute women over the course of centuries.