Nuclear Revolution

Nuclear Revolution: A Clarion Call

Chuck & Tom Paprocki

Paper back 6.14 x 9.21

English 464 pgs

ISBN: 9781881717782

Pub Date: August 2021

Price: $20.00


Nuclear Revolution: A Clarion Call describes a new form of revolution that must be fought if we are to survive and prosper as a human society that lives in harmony with the other life forms on the planet. The book addresses the need for such a comprehensive revolution. It examines what constitutes human society and the nature of its movement, provides examples of revolutions in history and contemporary nations around the world, defines nuclear revolution and discusses how it differs from revolutions of the past, outlines the requirements for creating a nuclear revolution, examines the psychology of a nuclear revolutionary, presents the methods of intellectual and physical revolution, offers examples of next steps, and, concludes with a presentation of the initial tasks that revolutionaries must perform once they have created a world government in service to all of life.